Saint Olaf’s Reference Guide for Persons in need or crisis

     The following County web-sites will provide a large verity of resources and help through the Health and Human resource departments. Take some time to look through your County web-site and become familiar with what services are offered it may surprise you on what is offered.

If you live in Waukesha Co. go to:( Under departments click on health & human services, once in this department go to the column to the left of page and bottom of page to find separate departments and contact numbers.  

If you live in Dodge Co. go to: (    On top of page enter departments and follow the list until you reach the department you wish and click it on.

If you live in Washington Co. go to: ( Go to (enter site map) follow department list and click the department you require.


What to do and expect in a sudden death event.

    If you are confronted with a sudden death event whether it’s an elderly love one or a SID event with a baby expect the following.

   Call the authority’s Sheriff Department or local police Dial 911 and explain to the dispatcher what has happened. An officer will arrive and will separate you from the deceased person and he will contact the cornier / medical examiner. Once the examiner has arrived you will be asked several questions regarding the deceased person health history. There will be a lot of photos taken of the deceased and medication will be taken etc. this is an investigation. The deceased will most likely be taken to the medical examiner office for an autopsy, do not be concerned most persons are taken for autopsy.

     It would be helpful if you have a funeral home picked out along with phone number as once the autopsy is completed they would have to pick up the body. The corner may release the body with out autopsy if the person had a know illness they were suffering with (cancer heart disease etc.)  Have a list of phone numbers handy of people you may want contacted. It is a good idea to have someone with you if for no other reason but to talk or just having someone there. 

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