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Sunday School

We are here to assist you in the Christian Education process for your family.  However, you are the most important influence on your child’s faith.  We are here to equip you to help instill faith in your child and to help your faith journey as well.  If we can be of any assistance to you or your child in this adventure of faith, please contact any member of the Youth Education Committee.


As most of you know, we create a rotational learning setting for children ages 4 years old through 4th grade.  Each unit explores one lesson for 4 weeks.  We look at stories from the Bible such as: Lost & Found (the Prodigal Son), Abraham & Sarah, Elijah, Creation, The Ten Commandments, and many more. The learners will rotate each week to a different station, thereby reinforcing the lesson.  The children will explore each lesson through art, games, science and cooking.  We have also begun to include UFF-DA and Together in Faith into our curriculum.  UFF-DA (Uniting Faith and Forty Developmental Assets) aims to bring not only our Sunday School families, but other members of the church together to show how we are all children of God.  We focus on one asset and have a lot of fun and learn how to bring our faith into our everyday lives.  Together in Faith invites parents to attend our classes as the whole family learns more about the different aspects of the Catechism such as the Lord’s Prayer, The 10 Commandments and about Martin Luther.  It is very important that the parents accompany their children to these special Sunday School classes.  Please look at the schedule and mark your calendar accordingly.  Our 5th-6th grade class meets each week to delve deeply into our faith and see what the Bible teaches and how it impacts our lives.


We need help teaching the rotations so please consider signing up to lead a class.  The information is easy to follow and you do not have to be an expert at the Bible to be a wonderful teacher.  We are always looking for teachers so please sign up on the poster in the hallway by the Sunday School rooms.

Baptismal Birthdays

Your child’s baptismal birthday is a spiritual gift and a day to remember their membership into the family of God.  On a Sunday in the month of your child's baptismal birthday, the class will celebrate this important day in their faith walk.


Bibles are used in every part of our Education program.  Students in Grades 4-6 are expected to bring their Bibles to class.  The women’s group of our church (Women of Grace) donates a Bible to each third grade student.  Bibles are also available for new students to our congregation.  The Bible class for students and parents is now incorporated into our Together in Faith program.

We look forward to our faith journey with your family.

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