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General Fund - St Olaf Specific

Youth Group

Mission Fund

Capital Improvements & Maintenance Fund

A "Child's Smile" Program


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St. Olaf's has three basic funds which are used as follows:


Facility Operating Expenses (Utilities, Phones, Internet, etc.)

Minor Building Maintenance

Payroll & Required Benefits

Youth Education

Youth Ministry

Other Committee Expenses

Music & Worship Expenses

Office & Misc. Expenses

Employee Expenses


Improvements to and major maintenance of the facility


Local, national, global missions & synod support


Offering envelopes have all three fund choices listed on the front.

If your offering; whether in an offering envelope, loose check, cash, or electronic is not designated, it will go into the General Fund.

If you wish you can designate special gifts (gifts that are over and above regular giving) to a specific fund, a split among the funds, or a specific mission, ministry, or project.


OTHER GIVING OPTIONS (over and above support of the above funds)

Memorial Fund

Education Endowment (Scholarship Fund)

Youth Group

Pastor's Good Samaritan Fund

Soup Ministry

A Child's Smile (2022 Report click here)

Vision Fund - Operation and Management of the St. Olaf Vision Fund - click here

Ashippun Food Pantry

Food for the Hungry / Elia Support

Outreach For Hope

All Peoples Church / Garden-Food Pantry Ministry

Other specific Programs & Projects


At least 70-1/2 or know someone who is ?

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