Adult Education: The Adult Education Committee shall plan, promote, and coordinate opportunities for spiritual growth through education and small group ministry for the adults in the congregation as well as the community.

Finance: Shall oversee the financial matters of the congregation by providing counters, persons to record individual offerings, review income and expenses and develop and present the annual budget. 

Worship, Music & Arts: The WMA Committee coordinates and enhances worship.

Outreach: The Outreach Committee focuses on educating and empowering the congregation to live as the loving and inviting hands of Christ with those whom they interact in their daily lives.

Parish Life:  The Parish Life Committee focuses on celebrating and maintaining our life in Christ through activities and care for our members. (such as the St. Olaf Stewards and the ongoing blood drives). 

Property (Building & Grounds): The Property Committee focuses on shaping our building and grounds to provide a welcoming and hospitable environment for all who come through our doors.

Stewardship: The Stewardship Committee focuses on educating our members to better grow in living the faith and financially blessing our Christ-centered ministries.

Youth Education: The Youth Education Committee coordinates the education of the youth (grades pre-school through 5th grade), which includes, but is not limited to, Sunday School and Vacation Bible School.

Youth Ministry Team: The Youth Ministry Team shall have the overall responsibility of helping the youth of St. Olaf keep connected with their spiritual life within the church by assisting the Youth Ministry Coordinator in the planning and carrying out of youth group activities, service opportunities, trips and events for the Jr. and Sr. High youth. May also assist the Pastor and/or Youth Ministry Coordinator in the planning of the Confirmation program.